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Singer 107 w 1 Features and Threading

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Singer 107 w 1 Features and Threading

Post by Admin on Mon 16 Oct - 9:20

(Here are some words from the Singer manual description)

107 w 1 is especially intended for overseaming and zigzag stitching on fabrics and light weight leather and is
successfully used in the manufacture of a great variety of articles including trousers, coats, hats, gloves, cloaks suspenders, hosiery, knit underwear, etc.

For general tailoring work, joining laces and tapes, finishing the edges of tape measures, binding awnings, and other work requiring a zigzag stitch, this machine is the best procurable.

Many operations in the manufacture of shoes, such as attaching side and top facings to the linings, butting either canvas or felt toe pieces to the end of the vamp, etc., are also well done on this machine.

In the manufacture of table covers, doilies, draperies, bureau scarfs, etc., an ornamental effect can be produced on the machine by overstiching a cord with thread of contrasting color.

Overseaming or overcasting the raw edges of fabrics can be very satisfactorily done on the machine by taking one stitch in the fabric and the other over its edge.

Filmed and Produced by Jason Potts

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